Activity Your success
is our goal.

Ideas are generated by people. This is why people play a essential role in our method.

By understanding our clients demand we choose the right tools to support the ideation process. Together with our clients experts we ideate the very best and realistic ideas. Therefore we ask our clients to include support from every department being related to make the innovation happen.
There are two main drivers for product innovation: Technology driven innovation (push) or market driven innovation (pull). In both cases the initial infrastructure and resources are the in the central consideration from where will be innovated either in the one or in the other direction.
Once a customer told me: “Identifying the right idea is just the top of the mountain. Implementing it is still the biggest hassle.” Exactly this is the reason why we integrate engineering experts and industrial designers right from the beginning into the process. They support in arranging everything in the right way. And when it comes to capacity bottlenecks they are happy to balance the workload to stick to the schedule.
Based on our clients specifications we start with the formal product description. Our description can be functional as well as animated/optical for the complete bodywork including an appealing design. Depending on requested or identified needs the positioning of parts and ergonomic aspects will be included into the structure.
By finalizing the concept, detailed construction can be initiated. Including the expected sales figures and required technologies.